Your Guide to Medicare

You've lived through a lot of changes in your lifetime. Now you're approaching Medicare, and you're going to see some changes in your health insurance.

You know by now that the key to facing any change is preparation. So we've created this guide to explain the benefits coming your way under Medicare.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people 65 or older, and people of any age with certain disabilities.

Understand Medicare

To understand Medicare, you need to know about the four "parts" of coverage that are available to you.

Each of these parts covers different types of health services.

Evaluate Your Options

If you want more coverage than Original Medicare alone, use our 3-step decision guide to help assess your options.

Medicare Guidelines

Learn everything you need to know about enrolling in Medicare from eligibility to enrollment periods.

Compare and Enroll

After you've learned all about Medicare, you'll be ready to see the plans we've created to meet your healthcare needs.

Every plan is different — find the right one for you.

Compare our plans and enroll