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Pet Insurance

Pets Best – Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Pet insurance helps pay for vet bills when your pet gets sick or hurt. With coverage for illnesses, accidents, cancer, surgeries, prescriptions, and more, Pets Best coverage is a great way to afford veterinary care when your pet needs it.

  • Coverage for your cats and dogs
  • Keep your vet, or visit any licensed vet in the world
  • Reimbursement up to 100% of vet bill
  • No vet exam required to sign up

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Pet insurance can help make your unexpected vet bills affordable

If you're like many pet owners today, you'll do what it takes to keep your pet happy and healthy. If you're faced with an unexpected vet bill, you may not be prepared to pay it. With Pets Best, you can now give your pets the care they deserve when faced with unexpected vet bills or emergency room visits.

Affordable pet insurance = affordable vet bills!

What is pet Insurance?

Pet insurance helps you pay your vet bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured. It can help you afford the best course of treatment, protect against major financial setbacks, and can give you peace of mind. 

Why cover your pet?

Similar to human health care, diagnosis and treatment options for pets often come at a high price. Unlike human health care, pet insurance plans don’t cover conditions your pet had before you purchased insurance. 

Covering your pets while they are still young and healthy helps guarantee that the majority of your pet's accidents and illnesses will be covered. 

Why choose Pets Best?

Pet Insurance through Pets Best provides:

  • Reimbursement up to 100% of vet bill
  • Deductibles as low as $0
  • No vet exam required to sign up
  • Keep your vet, or visit any licensed vet in the world 

What are the benefits?

Thanks to significant advances in veterinary care, pets can live longer, happier lives than ever before. As a result, so can you! Numerous studies have proven pet ownership improves overall physical and mental health.

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Pet insurance coverage offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company. Independence American Insurance Company is a member of The IHC Group, an organization of insurance carriers and marketing and administrative affiliates that has been providing life, health, disability, medical stop-loss and specialty insurance solutions to groups and individuals for over 30 years. For information on The IHC Group, visit: Additional insurance services administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC are underwritten by Prime Insurance Company. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products.

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