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Subrogation and Recovery Methods

Health Care Subrogation 

Health care subrogation is a legal right held by health care providers and payers to recover their expenses when their members or employees are injured and the expenses related to the injuries should have been reimbursed by another party, generally referred to as a third party. Additionally, the health plan can be reimbursed by coordinating payments with no fault insurance carriers. 

Medica contracts with subrogation recovery services. Using proprietary techniques, the vendors mine claims data and leverage relevant databases to identify recovery opportunities.

Participating Provider Involvement

Members receiving a letter requesting information on an injury, may turn to their provider with questions. Direct the member to Optum at 1 (888) 690-9500.

  • Providers should direct questions from Mayo employees and retirees to Recovery Claims Services (RCS) at (507) 266-0484
  • Questions from all other members should be directed to Optum Subrogation Services at 1 (866) 294-3039

The diagnosis coding provided on claims is used by the vendors to identify procedures most frequently associated with conditions related to accidents and injuries that are covered by liable third parties. 

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