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Interpreter Services

The Interpreter Agency Operations Manual supplements and is a part of the Interpreter Vendor Participation Agreement between an interpreter agency and Medica. It should be read in addition to the Interpreter Vendor Participation Agreement and the Administrative Requirements, including the Provider Requirements for Medicare, Medicaid and Government Programs. 

The Interpreter Operations Manual is distributed to the agency with a new contract, contract renewal or when revised. Medica emails the manual as an attached PDF document and when requested we will send a hard copy via United States Postal Service.   

The manual provides additional information related to the expectations and processes for interpreter services provided to a Medica state public program member including:
  • Access to Interpreter Services
  • How to register as an agency and individual interpreters
  • Interpreter Requirements
  • Interpreter Appointment Requirements
  • Interpreter Agency Requirements
  • Reimbursement
  • Claim Processing Guidelines
  • Completing Claims for Interpreter Services
  • Contacting Medica

If you have any questions regarding the Interpreter Agency Operations Manual or would like to request a copy, please contact Medica using the Provider Oversight mailbox


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