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Member Tip Sheets and Videos

These tip sheets and videos can help you get the most value from your health plan. Use them to find answers to your questions about your individual or family plan, your benefits and how to get the care you need.

Tip Sheets

How Your Plan Works

Getting Care

  • Finding a Network Provider (PDF)
    Learn how to use the online search tool to find a network provider, so you can get the most out of your health care benefits.
  • Preventive Care (PDF)
    Learn the difference between preventive and non-preventive care. In addition, see a full list of the preventive care services covered under Affordable Care Act on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website. 
    List of covered preventive services
  • When and Where to Get Care (PDF)
  • Explore your options for getting care and find out which types of illnesses each facility treats.
  • Virtual Care (PDF)
    Use this tip sheet to understand how you can use virtual care to connect with a provider online to save time and possibly money.

Complex Specialty Care

  • Complex Specialty Care (PDF)
    Learn more about the care and services available through the Complex Specialty Care program featuring Mayo Clinic.

For Inspire by Medica℠  members only

  • Complex Specialty Care (PDF)
    Learn more about  the care and services available through the Centers of Excellence program featuring the University of Iowa Hospital and Mayo Clinic.

Understanding Your Policy

Tools, Programs & Resources

  • Healthy Living with Medica (PDF)
    Read about the wellness resources and tools available with your plan to help you keep your health on track each and every day.
  • Secure Member Site (PDF)
    Overview of the resources available to you through your secure member site and how to register.
  • Health Advocate Tip Sheet (PDF)
    Learn how you can consult with a nurse for non-urgent illnesses or work with a personal health advocate who can help you understand health care issues like how to read your invoice or how to schedule an appointment with a doctor who is difficult to get into.

Member Videos

Want more tips for getting the most value from your plan? Get the scoop in these videos.

  • How to find a network provider
  • Paying your premium
  • Reading your ID card
  • Preventive care
  • Your prescription drug benefit

Videos to help you understand your Individual & Family plan

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