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My Health Rewards by Medica®

Encourage and motivate your employees to reach their wellness goals. My Health Rewards by Medica is powered by Virgin Pulse, a pioneer in digital health and wellness solutions that help members build healthy habits and live their best life.

The program encourages daily engagement and members can earn rewards through:

  • Tracking physical activity and daily steps
  • Completing Healthy Habits activities 
  • Engaging with Daily Learning Cards personalized to their interests
  • Tracking sleep

Members can track online or through the My Health Rewards mobile app powered by Virgin Pulse, free in the App Store and on Google Play.

Three Program Options

  • My Health Rewards – included with fully insured plans and a standard offering for self-funded employers. This program helps members build daily healthy habits and get rewarded for doing so.

  • My Health Rewards Results a buy-up option for employers with 51+ employees (fully and self-insured). This program also provides the opportunity to offer biometric screenings and rewards for members that achieve healthy outcomes.

  • My Health Rewards Invest* – a buy-up option for employers with 51+ employees (fully and self-insured). This is a program for members enrolled in a health savings account (HSA) to track activity, sleep and nutrition and earn financial incentives when they reach monthly wellness targets.

Program Details and Employee Promotion

My Health Rewards

The standard My Health Rewards Program includes the following key features:

  • Eat Fit Go: Special discounts on healthy, ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to home or office. 
  • Health Assessment: A short, confidential survey gives members a personalized report with suggested actions across seven factors, from mental health to fitness.
  • Healthy Habits Tracking: Members can choose from over 125 different Healthy Habit activities, and track their progress.
  • Healthy Savings: Members learn how to save money on a variety of foods and healthy products with the Medica Healthy Savings program.
  • Journeys®: Journeys are daily, self-guided courses to help build healthy habits.
  • Monj: This tool empowers members to forever improve the way they eat, cook and connect.
  • My Care Checklist: Members can stay on top of their preventive care visits and screenings with My Care Checklist. They’ll get preventive care recommendations based on their gender and age.
  • Next-Steps Consult®: Members can take 15 minutes to talk with a well-being guide. They’ll cover their health assessment results, answer questions and offer ideas for activities that best fit their needs and goals.
  • Nutrition and Sleep Guides: Members get customized tips and tools to help improve their eating and sleep habits.
  • Ovia Pregnancy: This program supports healthy pregnancies by providing timely articles, health and wellness tips, weekly pregnancy updates, and unlimited health coaching.
  • Sanvello Mental Health App: This tool provides on-demand help for stress, depression and anxiety. Members can learn more and access the premium version of the app.
  • Virtual Care Education: Members can learn about their virtual care options.

My Health Rewards Results

My Health Rewards Results includes all of the standard features above plus:

  • Biometric screenings: A biometric screening is an important part of a broad health and wellness program. For employers, biometric screenings provide important baseline data to shape the direction of their wellness program. For members, these screenings provide information on current and potential medical issues. Biometric screenings can be scheduled at the workplace or delivered through many national networks.
  • Results: Members earn points when health numbers fall within recommended ranges.
  • Optional: Employer-funded incentives

My Health Rewards Invest

My Health Rewards Invest includes all the standard features, but instead rewards participants for meeting monthly wellness goals in:

  • Sleep: Sleep more than 7 hours per night for 20 days in a calendar month
  • Nutrition: Track calories with MyFitnessPal for 20 days in a calendar month
  • Activity: Take 10,000 steps per day for 20 days in a calendar month

My Health Rewards and My Health Rewards Results

There are four levels of points and corresponding rewards (up to $160 per year). Beginning in 2022, members can earn an extra $5 per month (up to $60 per year) when they meet certain steps and activity-tracking goals. In total, they can earn up to $220 in rewards per calendar year:


  • E-gift cards
  • Donations to a cause
  • Health and fitness products in Virgin Pulse store

My Health Rewards Invest

Up to $75 per month (with a maximum of $900 per calendar year) deposited into the member’s HSA. Employers receive quarterly reports identifying employees that earned rewards and then deposit funds into the appropriate account.

Consider using these resources to help promote the program with employees.

Member User Guides

Member user guides provide important information about program features and how members can log in or register for an account.

My Health Rewards Standard user guide (PDF)
My Health Rewards Results user guide (PDF)
My Health Rewards Invest user guide (PDF)

For all My Health Rewards members

My Health Rewards Getting Started Video

This short video walks members through getting registered, using the app and key My Health Rewards Standard program features.

Standard Getting Started video

For My Health Rewards Standard and Results members only

My Health Rewards Invest Getting Started Video

This short video walks members through getting registered, using the app and key My Health Rewards Invest program features.

Invest Getting Started video

For My Health Rewards Invest members only

My Health Rewards Invest Communications Calendar

Use this calendar to see the Invest member communications available throughout the year along with suggested timing for sending push emails and other materials.

Invest Communications Calendar (PDF)

For My Health Rewards Invest customers only

Compatible Devices

Learn how to connect to compatible fitness tracking devices and apps.

Compatible Devices flier (PDF)

For all My Health Rewards members

Journeys® Guide

Journeys are self-guided digital courses. This flier helps members get started and lists available Journey topic areas.

Journeys Guide (PDF)

For all My Health Rewards members

Mobile App

Learn how to access My Health Rewards on the go and keep track of progress, activity and more.

Mobile App flier (PDF)

For all My Health Rewards members

Healthy Eating Resources

This flier helps members learn about customized tools to help them eat well, including Foodsmart, Eat Fit Go, Monj, and the Nutrition Guide.

Healthy Eating Resources (PDF)

For all My Health Rewards members

Sleep Guide

This flier helps members get started with the Sleep Guide and receive customized tips and tools to work on their sleep habits.

Sleep Guide (PDF)

For all My Health Rewards members

Biometric Screenings

This flier promotes biometric screenings, which gives employees information on their current health status and personal health risks. It's customizable so you can add screening dates, locations and how to sign up.

Biometric Screenings (PDF)

For My Health Rewards Results members only.

*Only subscribers with an HSA can earn the My Health Rewards Invest rewards. Medica is not responsible for ensuring that enrolled employees are eligible for My Health Rewards Invest. The employer remains responsible for the compliance of all employee benefits and plans within applicable law. Invest participants are not eligible to earn the standard My Health Rewards program rewards (e-gift cards or other options). Spouses and dependents ages 18 or older are eligible for the standard My Health Rewards program and rewards. Employees not enrolled in an HSA will have continued access to the standard My Health Rewards program.

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